Tuesday 21st November 2017
There are currently 1 fixtures in the system.
This weekend 0 teams are looking for a game.

Welcome to Fixex, the Fixture Exchange for Youth Rugby.

From this site you will be able to find youth rugby teams from across the UK who need a fixture at short notice, clubs arranging festivals, or overseas touring teams who want to find clubs to play on their tour.

The Exchange caters only for youth and mini rugby teams. If you are a senior side looking for fixtures we may be able to help. Please contact us for details.

Whilst this is a members' site, we pride ourselves that no genuine request for help has ever been turned away. Please contact us if you find that you have lost a fixture and would rather have that filled than see a team of youngsters lose out on their rugby this weekend.

If you are not currently a member, you may register your club. We operate a subscription service and charge a nominal fee (currently £15) for a club to list all age groups on the system. All proceeds from running this site are donated to charitable or worthy causes. This site is not for profit.


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