Tuesday 17th October 2017
There are currently 3 fixtures in the system.
This weekend 1 teams are looking for a game.

Fixex Events

Throughout the year the Fixture Exchange members attend a variety of different events and occasions. Where possible we take photographs and document them so that our members can enjoy a little 'free' publicity. Events are uploaded here and available for all to see.

If you would like to publicise an event that is of interest to all members, please contact us to discuss.

The Fixture Extravaganza

The Fixture Exchange works alongside the RFU and Keith Norman to help provide the annual fixture extravaganza! This is traditionally held at Twickenham on the last Friday of January every year. It has been running since 1984 and is always a major date in our calendars.

The 2011 Event

Many thanks to all who gave time to be at the extravaganza in 2011. Images from the event are now available (see below). The extravaganza has been running for 27 years, and keeps getting better. The donation for charity went to the London Wheelchair Rugby team.

The following links will open a web album in a new window.

The Fixture Extravaganza 2012

The Fixture Extravaganza 2011

The Fixture Extravaganza 2010

The Fixture Extravaganza 2009

The Fixture Extravaganza 2008


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