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Monday 19th October 2015

We're still here!

It seems we never post enough news! So many things going on, it is difficult to know what is news and what isn;t these days.

Since the last news was posted (so long ago - sorry) we've had two more extravaganzas, and at least one world cup exit! So sorry for the England team, but thrilling watching the other UK national sides battle on against some giants in world rugby.

We continue to provide the service to all youth teams in your club for just £15 per club... this price has not changed in many years, although we are constantly battling with increasing costs. We will keep it as low as possible for as long as possible!

Finally, we are looking at redevelopment of the system again, to get it up to date and modernise it in line with mobile platforms and advances in technology in general... watch this space!

Saturday 1st December 2012

Fixture Extravaganza 2013

What a year! Seeing so many things happen in the world of rugby, and watching an outstanding performance by Team GB at the Olympics, it has been an awesome year of sport!

We will be holding the Fixture Extravaganza at Twickenham on the last Friday of January 2013, which is Friday 25th. Once again in the St George's Suite, doors will open at 5.30pm and the event will run until at least 9pm as usual.

Once again we are indebted to the RFU for their kind hospitality, providing food during the evening as well as donating the room for our use.

Details about registration will be sent out in due course. If you are not a member of Fixex you will be asked to pay a £15 membership fee when you enter, and this will guarantee you of a year's access to Fixex, plus food on the night for all in your party! It's not a bad deal!

Wednesday 4th January 2012

The FIxture Extravaganza 2012

We are running the 28th Fixture Extravaganza meeting on Friday 27th January 2012, in the Carling Room at Twickenham stadium from 5.30pm until approximately 9pm.

Supported by the RFU again this year, we are delighted to offer workshops on coaching and refereeing as well as provide a little food during the night.

We will also be making our annual presentation to charity - it's not too late to send us a recommendation for who we should support. Last year we gave money to the London Wheelchair rugby squad, and before that to Max Levine. If you have an idea of who we should support please get in touch!

We will also be collectin for 'Help for Heroes' again this year - please give generously... I know many members have got friends and family in the armed forces and this is a really good cause to give to!

Registration for the event is at http://www.eventelephant.com/thefixtureextravaganza If you don't register, you won't be given a meal ticket... so get on over there!!

Tuesday 25th October 2011

Server Outage

Some of you may have noticed a slight issue with the service over the last day or so - the system required a re-boot and in doing so the IP address needed re-assigning. A day or so down time, but we're back up and running now!

Friday 28th January 2011

Fixex Donation

Friday 28th January saw the 27th annual fixture extravaganza take place at Twickenham Stadium, attended by nearly 300 people from clubs across the south of England.

The event is sponsored by the RFU and once again the superb facilities of the St George's Suite, complete with drinks and an evening meal, made sure the evening went very successfully.

We were delighted to be able to support the London Wheelchair Rugby Club as the charity receiving the Peter Conner Award 2011. The LWRC was founded in 1996 and in a very short time has managed to attain a wealth of sporting achievements, and are now working hard to prepare players to represent Great Britain in the 2012 and 2016 Paralympics. It is with great pleasure that we have been able to donate £500 from the funds raised through subscription to this very worthy cause.

Many thanks to all of our member clubs for their continued support - here's to a successful remainder of the season and the year coming.

Wednesday 26th January 2011

Fixture Extravaganza Meeting

The annual fixture meeting at Twickenham Stadium is to be held in the St George's Suite, under the East stand, from 5.30pm onwards on the 28th January. All are welcome, with youth teams from all over the south of England turning up to arrange fixtures and organise the coming season.

The RFU are providing *free* workshops on refereeing and coaching, with plenty of goodies to be given away as well... so this year it is not just for the fixture secretaries - anyone with an interest in Youth Rugby is welcome to attend.

The annual donation to a charity or worthy cause is to take place during the evening, and we are hoping for a very well known face from the world of English rugby to be able to turn up and accept the donation.

Wednesday 8th December 2010

Looking for a worthy cause

Each year we donate money to a rugby charity or worthy cause, and we are currently looking for the best place to give money to. We make our donations at the annual 'Extravaganza' event at Twickenham, always held on the last Friday in January. This year is no different, except we are delighted to have the backing of the RFU to help make the event a really special one!

So, we are looking for a really special cause to donate to.

Please contact us if you believe you have the right worthy cause for us to consider. All suggestions welcome - as long as they are to do with youth rugby, of course!

Friday 12th February 2010

Mini Teams for a tour?

Farnham are organising a tour to Exmouth for 11th April, and are looking for U9 and U10 age groups to join them. If you are considering a tour this April, and fancy a trip to the west country, then do please get in touch.

Wednesday 10th February 2010

Fixture Extravaganza 2010

Many thanks to all who attended this year's event at the 'St George's Suite in Twickenham. Over 250 people were there, representing some 60 clubs and throughout the night many fixtures and deals were made! More importantly, we were able to send a cheque for £600 as our charitable donation to support Max Levene, a 17 year old player made tetraplegic just before Christmas 09.

We were also able to finally honour Alan 'Blackie' Black for his unstinting support over the last 24 years, championing youth, and grass roots rugby. Alan has been a tremendous help and we wish him well in his retirement. Something tells us he won't actually be stopping from doing too much...

Pictures of the event are available here in the events tab.

Friday 28th August 2009

New Year, New Software!

As you will no doubt have noticed, the Fixture Exchange software has been upgraded once again. In this new version you have got all of the functionality of the previous software, but can now specify 'A', 'B' and 'Dev' teams when you add a team to the system. This was probably the most frequently requested addition to the software.

We have also taken the opportunity to move to a twelve month subscription. This means that you pay once a year at a time that suits you, and your subscription will expire a full year later. When you log in you'll find you have a page that tells you about the status of your membership. If your account expires you can still log in, but won't be able to access any of the fixtures. You can manage your club information, renew your membership or delete your account.

Whilst we have taken every step to test the system, we would appreciate you letting us know if you find something that doesn't appear to work as it should. Please use the link below to contact us and give us the news!

We have also moved to a newer and faster server, which should give you a better overall experience of using Fixex.

Saturday 15th August 2009

New Season - Subs Due

As the new season is nearly upon us it is a good time to remind you all that subs are due! We have moved to a 12 month subscription system, but many clubs pay around the beginning of the season anyway, so it's a good idea to log in and check the account expiry date on your 'dashboard' page. If your account expires, your fixtures will not show to other users.

Friday 30th January 2009

2008/9 donation

This year we were delighted to be able to donate £600.00 to S.P.I.R.E on behalf of all our members. This is the highest single amount that we have been able to give, which is down to our members being part of the system.

The subscription fee for the club is used to cover our costs for running fixex, but no profit is made. All proceeds are donated to charity and this donation is known as the 'Peter Conner Award', in memory of the late Peter Conner who ran the exchange so well.

Each year we look for a worthy cause to donate the award to, and in future you will be asked to nominate a cause. The only stipulation is that it must be linked to Rugby in some way.

Many thanks to all who have joined the exchange!


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