Fixex Is Closed

With great sadness, we have decided to call time on the Fixture Exchange for Youth Rugby.
We have helped countless thousands of youngsters into the game, and seen some of them rise to great heights, playing for England, and we have raised many thousands of pounds for good causes.

Unfortunately, these last two years have proved extremely difficult since we were not invited to attend the annual fixture extravaganza at Twickenham - the one place we could meet old friends and renew memberships.

We would like to thank the literally hundreds of people who have used the service over time - some regular customers who have renewed year on year, understanding that this is not for profit, and that every penny we make goes to deserving causes.

To those who have supported us over the years, and who perhaps remember Pete Conner and Liz Conner, who for so long provided an incredible service, we say thank you. For newer friends, we apologise for the lack of Fixex, and only hope that someone else can now take up the reins and service this extremely important need.

Scrum down, other side to put in.

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